What A Business Analyst Can Achieve

The role of a business analyst is one which involves; determination, passion and knowledge. These are skills which cannot be solely obtained through the business analyst training course. No, to be a business analyst requires something much more special; something in your soul.
Many people are successful in their role in business analysis and this has been proven by the famous car company; Jaguar.
The Jaguar Land Rover Company is thought to be creating 1,100 more jobs in the West Midlands (UK). The new workers will be working on the new Jaguar XF Sport brake estate car and many other models at the new plant. This is an exciting opportunity for many aspiring mechanics and manufactures as well as Jaguar itself. However, this is not the first time Jaguar has shocked us with the amount of employees it is taking on despite the economic climate, in just 2 years they have taken on over 8000 new employees. So, they must be doing something right.
they are!
They have a business analyst who works non-stop for them in order to help them create the success they have been enjoying.
The government are naturally supporting Jaguar through their decision to create over 1000 new jobs in the UK as it is thought to help the economy and take a great deal of people out of the unemployed web. The companies aim is to bring 40 new products into the market over just a 5 year period; so they will be keeping their employees extremely busy! Further to this, the design and manufacturing will be occurring within the UK. This is an incredibly exciting prospect for us Brits! First the Olympics and then this! We are being spoilt!
However, it is thought to be a business analyst who is behind this idea. Due to the large amount of individuals who are currently unemployed in the UK, bringing over 1000 new jobs will not only benefit us but also the company. This is therefore helping the company increase their growth to 19% which is reflected in the amount of sales they are making.
Jaguar is hoping that the new styles of cars will bring a new customer; someone who wants more from their vehicle.
Therefore, one of the most famous car manufacturers is growing in size and bringing new people into their employment. This is not only a massive opportunity for Jaguar and us; but it also is for the business analyst professionals.
This is just one example of what a qualified business analyst can achieve. But to be honest, there is much more out there which they can do. And the best bit is; to be a business analyst is not even a trying experience, all it involves is enrolling in a business analyst course and; hey bingo! You’re qualified!
So, congratulations to those business analysts involved in helping Jaguar get right to the top! We are extremely proud of you! Keep up the good work!